My Imaginary Lover©

I wonder if as he touches me gently, he feels me tremble ever so slightly. I try to hide my desire for his masculinity, no one is so perfectly sculpted as he is. Every women desires him, but he’s here with me in this moment. My heart slowly sinks like quicksand as I stare into his oceanlike eyes. I wonder if this is real. The smell of his cologne holds me in a trance. Only his words will penetrate my ear drums. Only his touch will encourage me to move. My ultimate desire has been fulfilled. Alone we stand in a sea of people who have no true direction. We are too intoxicated by our love to notice anything but each other. The wonder of love is divinely earth shattering. I will remain forever captivated by his love and now must return my thoughts and attention back to task of daily living. But I will hold the memory of him in my mind until next time meet again.

My Imaginary Lover©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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