Tears on my pillow and a twinkle in my eye©

Tears on my pillow…

When you forget to tell me that you love me

When you yell at me when you’re mad at another

When my best friend leaves to live in another country

When I thought I deserved an “A”, but I end up with a “B”

When my favorite sandwich is missing its most important ingredient.

When I hear that someone who I love so dearly has passed on

When I see you in pain and there’s nothing I can do to help

There is a twinkle in my eye…

When I no longer have to sit waiting for love to find me

When you tell me that you love me after all

When I get to spend endless amounts of time with those that I cherish

When I hear the song that was meant just for us

When the shines brightly in the morning and the stars shine brightly at night

When the rain gently splashes on our faces as we dance happily between the trees

I now lay my head upon my pillow begging for no tears to follow

A twinkle is in my eye when I hear you say goodnight and that I’ve never looked lovelier

I fall asleep with a smile

Tears on my pillow and a twinkle in my eye©

Copyright 2014, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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