The horrid truth of your pain is before me

I can barely open my eyes to see

To discover all that you have suffered

It’s more than too much for me

I feel such anguish when you share your stories

I tremble with fear from your pain

I wish I could have been there, done something

Sadly, time was not on my side

I see before me now everything and everyone’s anguish

Whether human, animal, or nature

There is so much to do

and seemingly not enough time

Which way should I turn

Where do I start

I put out my hand and ask for your help

I ask for forgiveness of those powerless

and unwilling to help

Be of forgiving heart

Take what is now offered

To those of you now listening

Heal the anguish

New and old

Mending hearts and saving land

is now at hand

We must stop this anguish together

Come lend a helping hand


Copyright 2014, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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