Crashing Down©

When the walls come crashing down

This day I awaken

A feeling overwhelms me

A change is in the air

The past comes rushing back into my life

You never realize how much you try to put it all behind you

Until one day it is all beside you

 A niece or two who’ve been abused

And are now looking to live with you

 An emotionally distressed former colleague calls you up out of the blue

And apologizes for all their past sins, what are you to do?

 Another colleague re appears bringing hope and good wishes with cheer

 The pile of work on your desk from weeks ago

 Suddenly there is nothing but the feeling of the walls crashing down around you

 Where can we go?

Where can we hide?

Is it worth it to disappear?

For it seems that no matter what

We do, good or bad

Life always comes back to haunt us

Crashing Down©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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