In The Morning Hours©

Up before sunrise when all is still calm

We awaken to a new day

Putting behind us the calm or rage of yesterday

A little good

A little bad

A little happy

A little sad

Knowing not of what lays ahead

A smile

A frown

A laugh

A cry

We turn our heads to say good bye

To our homes of comfort, sadness and joy

As we walk out the door to start our day

Looking back at the past as we start anew

We wonder what has become of you

For we miss the sight of you and all you were

This place we call home has been so blue

Since you walked out that door so long ago

Hello my dear, you see, we are always thinking of you

And what you once were

We wish for and pray for the moment of your return

Here with(In) The Morning Hours

In The Morning Hours©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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