I Love You But…©

He leans over to kiss her lips

She turns her head away to say –

My sweet dear, we’re not meant for this

My heart belongs to another

He begs for just one kiss

She reaffirms her first response

She says “I feel for you my dear,

But not as you feel for me

For my heart truly belongs to another”

He sits back

With a hint of tears in his eyes

What does he have that I don’t he cries out to her

She Cries out:

My heart

My soul

My hope

My fear

And my needs

He’s quiet, but he knows just what she needs and what he means to her

He’s everything she needs

No fighting

No crying

No wasting time wondering what to say

Just a wish for more time to come

She says to him slowly hoping it will hurt less

“My dear, someday I’ll walk your way

 And then right there at that very moment you’ll glance at me and say

“My dear, I’ve been waiting for you so long

I hope we’ll never again be apart”

 He then replies

“My dear I’m not going anywhere”

I Love You But…©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson


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