Emotionally Towards the Future©

The stressful emotion of grim and despair leads us to a place we wish to clear

We need not discuss each thing on our list

We only hope to find a way to keep clear of the pain

 The ache hurts so much it’s as if every bone in our body breaks at the same time

What can we do to heal we ask?

 Look deep into your heart while closing your eyes

Picture a clear blue sky where tomorrow is free of what is yet to be

Decide then and there to do things differently

Think not of what it might cost you or where it my lead

For it is the thought that brings one despair

 Think without temptation and think for yourself

You’ll find you are much freer than ever before

The trick s to make this work once you open your eyes

Emotionally Towards the Future©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson


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