You Make My Heart Jump

Each time I see or hear your name my heart jumps

You fill me with such wonder

I know not where it comes from

I know not what to expect

It feels like I’ve known you forever

You know I know you well

You are a quiet one not always speaking as you feel

You use the words of others to tell me what’s on your mind

I often wonder how you truly must feel


Please don’t be afraid my love

I love you through and through

No past

Nor present can change that

As long as you are you


You make my heart jump like no other can do

There is no substitute for the happiness you

Bring me with each word I read or hear

I cherish each look you send my way with those eyes full of hope and wonder

Lord, I hope those feelings never change!

You Make My Heart Jump©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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