Tell Me©

A Whisper in my ear she tells me of her wows

She is saddened by her thoughts of pain and endless loneliness

 Should she tell him she wants to leave

There is no more room for the bruises or scars

She runs out of stories to tell her friends and family

Each time she looks at him she remembers who he once was

So happy, full of hope and ideas for the future

So kind and gentle

She always waited for his soft gentle touch

His kiss, his look

 Then one day he lost his job

All hope for the future was gone

His Perrier water was replaced by beer

A non smoker became a smoker of almost anything

 The hitting began as she went off to work

To take his place as the bread winner

 His pride so hurt

He could no longer be the man of her dreams

 She left that place

To start a new

Alone you see can sometimes be for the best

Tell Me©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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