Love One’s Gone©

Never forgetting our loved ones lost

A brother lost to the devastating disease of today’s world

Such pain in watching him slips through our fingers ever so slowly

Slip slip slipping away…….

As he sleeps, I’m filled with thoughts of our childhood

Family trips, where he brought his friends

So much laughter

So much fun

Smiling all the way


A husband lost to himself

Within mental illness

Slowly he was eaten away

Until finally there was nothing left

Such anger he took with him

No knowing how to deal with the pain of what he felt

Was his daily failure

Such a yearning deep down inside him

For calmness he no longer possessed


Families are yet left behind to suffer their loss

Trying so hard to cover their pain

Each one is always looking for answers

Deep in the eyes of the other

We all know that there are no answers

For we do not control our ultimate fate

Hold onto your memories

Never let them go

For once they are gone

They’ll never return

Love One’s Gone©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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