Daddy’s Little Girl©

Daddy’s Little Girl

I remember your

first cry

first words

first steps

Which is why I don’t understand

the reason you no longer

have time for me

care for me

honor me

love me


I shed many a tear

because you were not near

On the one day I needed you

I wanted you

to listen for a moment

of just where I think we both went wrong

We both needed time

We both needed patience

We both needed understanding

The love a father has for his child

is like no other

Don’t stand in his way

He’ll never back down from a battle

Especially not when and if it is his own

Lovely daughter looking back at him

He takes no mercy

He gives no excuses,

That’s because 

He’s the man who helped create

The real beauty that you are

You’ll always be Daddy’s little girl

Wont you stop by and talk for a while

Even fathers deserve second chances

Daddy’s Little Girl©

Copyright 2014-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson


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