Where does Inspiration come from?©

We look to each other each day for direction
Not realizing that when we walk away
Most often we are inspired by what each other says
Discussions make us start to think and wonder about what may be
We think about life’s endless possibilities

We find comfort in knowing there are so many choices
No matter what road we take, there’s an ending of our choosing

Hanging on the words of another hoping to find an answer
That one great answer

Yesterday I was inspired as I heard my daughters speak of their first day back to school
I was inspired by my older daughters desires to become a doctor
I was inspired by my sons strength and protective nature
I was inspired by my husbands love and support
I was inspired by my eldest daughters hard work and determination

Knowing and seeing the strength and successes of others inspires us all to be greater and stronger

It’s wonderful to have others to look to for inspiration

Where does Inspiration come from?©

Copyright 2013-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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