Comfort for an old friend©

He cries out in pain not knowing why he suffers
Alone once again he finds himself
Having to start anew
Wondering why his own face is not one of those in the sea of lovers before him
He wants only to be loved
Wishing he knew all the answers
He calls to me for advice
I tell him to cleanse his mind of sorrow
Look ahead for change
Change his path from last time
Listen to her needs
Be selfless in your actions
Have willingness to support her dreams
Be her partner and her friend
Remove the hole in her heart and make her whole once again
Love will find you when you are about more than “you(rself)” and more about “us”
Then I’m sure you’ll find happiness when you too comfort an old friend

Comfort for an old friend©

Copyright 2013-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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