The Colours of My Heart©

RED – Means I’m on fire, my love for your makes me want to explode. There is no end to my love for you

ORANGE – Means that my heart feels a slight fizzle in your feelings for me

I must find a way to bring you back

To help you remember what we together can do

And how nothing would be complete should we part

YELLOW – Mean that my feelings I have for you are fading

And I’m sickened by the knowledge and feel uncertain about our future

GREEN – Means my heart envies one we once had

It longs for your advances

And wonders if your heart now longs for another

Dare I hold on waiting for your attention

BLUE – means I’ve accepted that we are no longer one

My heart starts to close off to your love

And sits in wait for the love of another

INDIGO – means my heart is still bruised

But peaks at the prospect of a new love

VIOLET – Means my heart is ready to start anew without you

These are all “The Colours of My Heart”

The Colours of My Heart©

Copyright 2014-2018

By  Felina Silver Robinson

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