How Lucky I am©

When I was young

I had a dream

Like all little girls do

I dreamed that I was going to grow up


One day become

Mrs. Robinson

All I wanted was happiness in between

Full of love and family

It’s certainly a common dream

But knowing who you would end up being

And knowing this as a child

Is something quite special

As a child

I never put the face and the name together

As the years passed I met Joe

Although I knew his last name was Robinson

I never put two and two together

That the Joe I grew up knowing

Was the same Joe Robinson I would eventually marry

When I think about it now

It’s almost like a fairytale

Although 9 years my senior

It didn’t seem to faze me

There was no one else that had

Ever captured my heart the way he had

Nor the way he still does

There has always been something about his smile

How it lays perfectly across his face

Each time our eyes met

There was such a twinkle that danced from within his eyes

His cheeks were always rosy

And the gentle laugh that danced at the edge of each word he uttered

Kept me listening and hanging

To all he had to say

And making me wish I never had to leave

I feel so lucky to have been able to have a love for so long

And then following through on the feelings

Until we were wedded

Although we both had other partners

We finally found our way

And in the end we ended up where we were always meant to be

So if you have ever had a dream

Don’t let it go

It might not come today or tomorrow

Just wait

It will find its own way

True love takes time, patience and dedication

How lucky I am to have my JR

And living in my real-life dream world

Where nothing is perfect

But is indeed real

How Lucky I am©

Copyright 2014-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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