Nestled in the Bow of my Mother’s Arms©

My mother sits in her favorite chair

She calls me over, seemingly in despair

I too am saddened by the day I had

She nestles me in the bow of her arms

Staring down into my eyes

Each of us hoping that the other has all the answers

My mother wondering if I will please her and make her proud

I’m hoping that she will be proud of me and that I won’t disappoint her

I bear a smile and maybe a giggle

Hoping to bring a smile to her beautiful face

But I suddenly start crying and the tears pour down my face

My mother tells me that all’s ok and to wipe the tears from my face

She kisses me softly against my forehead

Suddenly all that was wrong is right again

I now feel a sudden happiness that I cannot explain

I giggle again and this time her frown leaves her face

I now see that she too knows how to smile

And that maybe it won’t be so hard for us to find our happiness

Nestled in the bow of my mothers arms.

Nestled in the Bow of my Mothers Arms©

Copyright 2014-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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