Good teachers

Dedicate their lives to all that want to learn

Good teachers

Give all that they have to teach

Time, money and knowledge seem not to be an issue

Good teachers help all students

They don’t discriminate based on color, intelligence or ability

All students are equal opportunity learners

Good teachers teach students to desire learning

Not to fear learning


Not to give up on learning

Good teachers






In my life I’ve had many more bad teachers than good teachers

But that never stopped me from wanting to learn

All my good teachers were good enough

That what they taught me still lives within me

Still rings between my ears

So much so that I find myself always teaching

Anyone who wants to learn

I give thanks to all of my (good) teachers

Thank You!

Nona Bock

Barry Shuman

Ms. Donovan

Betty Flaherty

Mr. Vernadakis

Mrs. Lewis

Elizabeth Keane


Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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