I Bequeath To You©

I Bequeath To You©

Copyright 2015-2018

by Felina Silver Robinson


By the beauty of your soul

The goodness wrapped inside one person

Your willingness to be so forgiving

Enamours am I as I ponder the thoughts

Of your pureness of heart

No questions asked

No rules for your followers

So much reliance for those you appease

No clouds

No doom

Beckon your doorstep

Only sunshine



For all

I in debt myself to you for your

Presence and simple adoration

bequeath to you my temperament

Witch I attribute to your dedication

To shaping my very soul

Now I’ve become a person of which many adore

To you I owe this newly found admiration

Of my very own inner self

I bequeath to you my everlasting happiness


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