Digging Deep©

The sorrow I’ve seen is my sorrow. But the pain and affliction I’ve seen cross the paths of others is so great I can hardly grasp their willingness and ability to push through it. I dread the day I can no longer dig deep and fight for my survival it is easy to share words of wisdom to pass on words of faith and understanding as we give strength to others. Notwithstanding our ailing bodies I cringe at the thought of my demise begging for my survival. Stating all that I’d do if I had more time. Oh what it would be to be forgiven

My body betrays me. If only it forgave me. I hope it will hold me for there is much still yet to be done. Inasmuch as I’ve indeed been given a second chance. I now lend my hand to you and will teach you all I’ve learned. Together, we will dig deep so that we both survive.

Digging Deep©

Copyright 2015-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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