Felina’s Words of Wisdom©

1) When you put too much thought into things, you end up creating problems that were never there to begin with. So I suggest you slow down the thought process and if the problem seems bigger than you, then realize you are either in over your head or you’ve given the matter way too much thought.  Step away from it all and go back to it later with fresh eyes. There is no shame in failure when it’s realized before it has time to hurt others, or cost you more than its worth.

2) I would rather love and fail by my own decisions than to fail at love that was chosen for me.  I can fix those things that I know, but may only cause irreparable damage to the things or people who I don’t know.

3) Alone, I can think many thoughts and carry out great things. Amongst many my ideas are flooded by the crowd and I’m lost in a sea of uncertainty, so sit back and take it all in and make my choices once all others have laid their cards on the table, then my thoughts and Ideas are foremost in the eyes of my adversaries and colleagues. In other words as many others have said, don’t always show your hand before its played.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my words of wisdom. Now enjoy some popular old sayings.

My Words of Wisdom©

Copyright 2014-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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