A Day in the Life of ME! Mother’s Day Visit with My Mom

Mother’s Day morning I woke at the usual time. My body pays no mind to the task or origin of the day. I post on my blog, and send mother’s day wishes to friends and family. I complete my daily ironing, set up breakfast for the family then head out with my eldest daughter. Fighting Sunday traffic to and from the Needham Target, shopping in target was a blast. Believe it or not, I made it out with only having spend $41.52, I can’t say that my daughter was so lucky to spend so little. Upon my return home, I put together mother’s day gifts for my two oldest daughters and my mom. Then headed over for a brief visit with my mom. I climbed the two flights of daunting stairs to my moms house. I gently opened her door and the smile upon her face was undeniable. She was clearly happy to see me and even happier for the company. I placed the flowers I had bought her in a vase, I laughed because they were almost identical to flowers someone else had brought her. It’s sad that when I asked her who had brought them she couldn’t remember.  Sadder than that, was when I asked her what other company she had so far that day and she couldn’t remember. She was quite cheerful for someone in her predicament. She stated that she enjoys being alone. I offered her something to eat or drink and refused anything stating that it wasn’t necessary to eat. She’s frailer than I remember from my last visit.  She is still riddled with pain, but maintains better spirit than anyone I’ve ever known in her situation.

I opened the card that I had purchased for her, I read it out loud. Seeing her smile filled my heart with joy. I had included a picture of the two of us when I was much younger, maybe 10 or eleven years of age. The pair of us were clearly quite happy in the photo and carried the same cheerfulness on Mother’s Day. I hung the card on the wall so mom could glance at it as she pleases. I attempted to hang the picture, but mom wouldn’t let it go. She tends to hold onto those things that she loves or enjoys for an extended period of time. Getting them away from her cna be quite difficult. She does things when she is ready to do them, not when we want her to do them.

I excused myself to go tend to the dishes that I assumed were in the kitchen sink, on the stove and kitchen table. I try to help out where and when I can. Upon returning to mom’s room she was still happy and my husband did a great job keeping her occupied in my absence. We continued our conversation and laughed about old times. I updated her on what all the kids were doing. I showed her all the new pictures on my cell phone so she could feel a part of things. She was happy for all the news. Looking at the time, I realized that it was time for me to head home as one of my daughters, was coming with her fiance and my granddaughter. I kissed momma and promised to be back, we hugged and she held the picture of the two of us in the palm of her now small hand. I felt guilty leaving knowing that once I left she would once again be alone, but she prefers it that way.

The rest of the day was enjoyable, but there wasn’t a minute that my mother wasn’t on my mind. It made me feel sad to be enjoying myself without her. It’s all just another day in the life of ME!

A Day in the Life of ME! Mother’s Day Visit with My Mom©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson


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