Dear Mother Nature…I Still Care for You©

The crack of the oak tree limb lying beneath the heaviness of my size 9 sandal cries out like a baby lamb who weeps for his ailing mother. My sandal breaks the limb in two. Weaker now, is my step as I slowly glide past the remaining limbs that lie against the cold solid earth. I find myself weeping for the earth below my feet, for the beauty before me that has been neglected by it’s following. Those who cry out fearing the end of the world are among those who torment what they are meant to preserve. I  regret my part in any wrongdoing in the neglect and disregard for this beautiful land. These limbs shall weep no more, I vow to do my part, and make others change their ways. Mother earth will once again feel whole.

Dear Mother Nature…I Still Care for You©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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