Sleepless Nights©

A Sleepless night

But semi rested

Arising to a beautiful morn

Hoping for better things

Trying to accomplish all that was left undone

Listening the sweet sounds of summer

Birds chirping

Dogs barking

Kids playing

All amid the warmth of the sun

And a slow blowing breeze

With just a threat of rain

There’s a freshness to the air

A feel of calmness surrounds me

I feel I can do most anything

As the night begins to fall

I account for all I’ve done

Now I enjoy dinner with those most dear

Then off for an evening stroll

I look up to the stars

And realize how lucky I am

To be here tonight among all that makes me happy

I no longer care if it all ends with yet another

Sleepless night

Sleepless Nights©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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