Blind Date©

One Friday night with nothing else to do, I agreed to a blind date. I had placed a personal ad. I didn’t ask for anything outlandish. I was looking for someone who was honest, standing at least 5’6, must love kids and cats. Must be a non-smoker, enjoy long walks, and good conversation. I remember his voice, I remember being revved up, by the soft raspiness. He was attentive with lots to say. We had so much in common. We enjoyed the same love for food, even cooking. We joked about cooking dinner together. We decided to meet in Washington Square to have some Italian food. We each told the other what we would be wearing so there would be no question who we were there to meet.I wore a light blue jean dress with a silk light blue scarf tied gently around my neck.  He wore a pair of soft blue denim pants and white polo shirt and a pair of penny loafers. When he walked in the door, I was somewhat dismayed as I couldn’t figure out why he would lie to me about his height. He couldn’t have been taller that 4’11. Why would he lie about that. It’s not as if he could grow during our three course meal. It was hard for me not to laugh, but I bit my tongue our entire time together. His name was Mark. We greeted each other with a hug. He had brought me a dozen of long stem yellow roses. That was sweet. I thanked him. We sat and spoke for 20 minutes before we ordered our meals. But the lie about his height kept gnawing at me. I noticed through our meal that he had this twitch over his left eye that didn’t stop. I wondered if that was a nervous twitch he would get every time he told a lie. I started feeling uncomfortable, because the twitch wouldn’t stop. Suddenly we no longer seemed to have anything to talk about. It seemed that he had become aware of my concern. He didn’t want to say anything so he was brave enough to say he had to get up early the next day. He asked if he could call me again and I told him point blank that I was upset with him because he had lied. His fas dropped and turned bright red and he ran out of the restaurant. Believe it or not he was 4 years older than myself. That was sure hard to believe in that moment, heck in any moment. So, never would I ever again take a guy at his word thanks to this joker. Thanks buddy!

Blind Date©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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