My Three Wishes©

I wish, I could wipe away the ignorance of the world. 

Ignorance devours the souls of those who want to be good but evil chimes in and the fight is over.

I wish, I could make everyone realize there is no color when it comes to love and happiness.

A good heart knows no color, it sees no differences and wants happy endings for all.

I wish, there was no such thing as violence

If only hands were used to stop violence instead of following through on bad behaviors.

If only violence was abolished and made a thing of the past

If only violence could be forgotten

This world would be a better place.

If people only realized that it takes more energy to fight and cause harm

These are my wishes

They may fall upon deaf ears

It shouldn’t take tragedy to bring us closer to one another

If you plant the right seed, it will grow and a better life for all will blossom

My Three Wishes©

Copyright 2016, 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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