Goodbye Fats Domino and Robert Guillaume RIP

Fats Domino was just one of the many oldies but goodies Artist I just loved to listen to. Blueberry Hill and Ain’t that a shame were just two of my favorites. Both songs told such poignant stories that left one yearning for the outcome. Fats Domino is an artist that will truly be missed. He was the second all time great rock and roller just a step behind the also legendary great, Elvis Presley.

Robert Guillaume was an actor that I loved to watch. I felt as though he truly wanted everyone to be sitting in his own living room so you could truly experience all he had to share. He had such a wholesome feel about him both on and off the set. I watched every episode of Benson. I’m sure I will now find myself watching on demand or on YouTube just to keep his memory alive.

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