My House Tells Me Stories©


In the calm of a cool night

My house speaks to me

I hear years  of memories

Speaking through the walls

As everyone else lays sleeping

Love, sweat, tears

Gains and losses

Comings and goings

Life and death

This house talks to me

It tells me stories

Things I just can’t bear to hold on to

Things no one else will want to hear

In the calm of the night

My house speaks to me

With each step upon a crack

With each bump against a wall

I hear the cries of this old house

That only seems to talk to me

It tells me stories I just don’t want to hear

If only I could close my ears

And turn away

So that the words of my old house would fall upon another ears

For now I lay my weary head upon my pillow

Just hoping for a somber sleep where I can dream a dream

Free of my old house and all of its stories

My House Tells Me Stories©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson


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