Deep in my soul of desire

I peak beneath your layer

I don’t believe what lays before me

strong, certain and determined

No need for me

No time for me

Desired, yes

Wanted, maybe

Seeking, less

What shall I do

My plans are amiss

All I’ve worked for must be redone

Take a new direction

Seek to be desired

To be loved

To be known

To be seen

To be heard

All I ask for is happiness

Now my cries fall on deaf ears

My pain continues

My wishes left unheard

My good deeds go unnoticed

Instead of being desired

I pray to be desired.

My heart yearning for love

The love of a person, a place, a time

No matter as long as it’s mine

And there just for me

There is nothing better than being




Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

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