The Old St Paul’s©

As a child I sat in a church pew each Sunday from early morning till past noon

The seats were so tall that I could barely see past them

The organ so loud that the minister had to bellow each word he uttered

The sun beat harshly against the stained glass windows

So hard that I thought I could see each picture dancing to the organs sounds

The array of colors kept me busy while awaited my next prompt to sing

I felt like I was in the king’s palace as I sat among all the other choir members

I too bellowed just as loudly as the minister being certain that everyone would hear my words

With each word that I sang I felt like life was carrying me forward to another place in time

I almost didn’t want the music to end

But I knew my entire day wasn’t meant to be spent at the old St. Paul’s

So at a half past one along with my sister and brother hand in hand we headed home

While the adults stayed behind to attend to the vestry meeting and planned for what was ahead

I so loved my Sunday’s at Old St. Paul’s

The old St. Pauls2

The Old St Paul’s©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

In loving memory of Rev. Murray & Clare Dewart who taught me the true understanding of my spirituality

and opened up my heart to share with others.

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