Consider the homeless and all that has been lost to them.

They are grateful for small things

A cup of coffee

A hot meal

A cot to sleep on

Shelter from the rain, snow, heat or cold weather

A smile

A nod

A hug

A change of clean clothes

All the things that most take for granted

Consider your wealth

You may think you have nothing but someone else has less

Your fortune is grater than you may realise

Share what you have and your soul will grow strong

You will be at peace within yourself


Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

Inspired by Aesop’s Fable: A Covetous Man

A Miser once buried all his money in the ground, at the food of a tree, and went every day to feast upon the sight of his treasure. A thief, who had watched him at this occupation, came on night and carried off the gold. The next day the Miser, finding his treasure gone, tore his clothes and filled the air with his cries. One of his neighbors told him that, since he didn’t spend the money anyway, he hadn’t really lost anything. “Go every day,” he said, “and just pretend your money is there, and you’ll be as well off as ever.”

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