I Am Autistic Hear Me Roar©

I came into this world kicking and screaming

My screams came a bit late but better late than never

My bones may have been weak and may remain weak

but I’ve learned to carry myself

My twin was always faster, taller and stronger than me

but I’ve grown taller than her now, and can move just as fast

My learning is slower than yours

But I’m always thinking and learning

I might not know all that you know

But I know a lot that you will never know

Like crying in the mirror because people make jokes about you

When you think maybe your family would be better off if you weren’t around anymore

Sometimes when I see myself in the mirror, I see my messy hair

But I can’t do anything about it because combing and brushing my hair makes my head hurt

It makes me want to cry because I don’t look like everyone else

Sometimes you laugh at me because of my clothing

But I dress the way I want to, because it makes me feel good

My clothes don’t tell you who I am

If you want to know, you could just ask me

So why must you hurt me

All I want is to be your friend

I don’t always know what everything means

But I know enough to know that my life is pretty hard

Because people who don’t understand me seem to just want to hurt me

Instead of helping me

I can love like you

I can feel like you

I can cry like you

I just don’t always learn and behave like you

So please, can’t you just love me any way?

I Am Autistic Hear Me Roar©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


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