Ten Signs That Your Friend Is No Longer Your Friend©

1. When you can’t remember why you became friends.

2. When your friend tells you that they can’t take it any more without saying what the “it” is, which is most likely you.

3. When your friend starts spending time with people they told you they hated because they were crazy and weird.

4. When your friend only wants to talk about what’s wrong in their life and are not at all interested in what’s wrong in yours.

5. When you realize that the things you had in common with your friend are no longer a common interest.

6. When your friend seems to be closer to their technology then they are to you.

7. When your friend constantly make excuses as to why they are too busy to see you.

8. When your friend decides you aren’t important enough for them to attend your birthday celebration.

9. When your friend starts fighting with the people you love for no reason.

10. When your friend cant stand any of your other friends and therefore won’t spend time with you.

Ten Signs That Your Friend Is No Longer Your Friend©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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