Scattered Random Acts and Thoughts©

It’s often been said that to be successful

You must always be organized and have all things well thought out or planned

I live in an organized world

But much happens at the spur of the moment

We make plans

Those plans change

New plans arise

We start with one thing

We end with five things

The hours are short

And limited to 24

But I can stretch them to 96

It’s a lot I know

But sometimes I can’t sit by knowing that

I could have done

or I would have done something more

I’m happy to know that

I HAVE actually done it

So yes, my thoughts may be scattered

My acts may be random

But I can honestly say that

I have done more

Than I should have


I could have

And now there’s nothing left to do

But sit

In my favorite chair

In the corners

Of my favorite room

Scattered Random Acts and Thoughts©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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