Utterly Dismayed©

Born and raised in the good old USA.

Living just outside Boston in a small town,

Richly diverse and mostly accepting of all,

Racism always exist in some form.

But in our melting pot.

It is easy for everyone to find a level of comfort,

With who they are and what hey believe in.

Since January 2017 with the new presidency,

Fear has replaced comfort.

Sincerity has been disguised by what’s meant to be “the greater good” for all, but it really just means “the rich are in control”, but only the chosen.

The violence of the Boston Marathon was horrific. Never did I think Bostonians or those in surrounding areas would have to deal with the threat of utter racism pouring out on their streets.

Freedom of speech shouldn’t mean men, women, and children must fear the streets they walk and live on because of hate groups that want to infiltrate our ability to coexist.

Neo-Nazi’s, white supremacists and the like have much to say with hate and ignorance in their hearts. Our hope is to see them go as fast as they came all 10,000 plus pairs of feet and angry, disgruntle faces.

As I sit, utterly dismayed with fear for what may or may not happen. My only hope is that the rain falls down so hard that it puts a damper on the words hares have prepared to spill from their lips to those willing to hear and others who wait to scream over them hoping to block their messages.

In the end we can only pray that the haters think better of spreading their ignorance in a place it’s not wanted. In a place where everyone prefers to stand together, united as one.

Utterly Dismayed©Copyright 2017By Felina Silver Robinson

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