The Dungeon I Grew Up In©

What you think I owe is not what you deserve
All that you’ve done wasn’t for me
You kept me here because you needed me
You needed someone to do what you didn’t want to do
You wanted to be free to do as you desired
While you left me here slaving away tending to your home
The emptiness I felt inside as each moment passed me by
Made me cry inside
Each day it felt like a piece of me was slowly dying
I’d hear all the children’s voices laughing as they played
How I longed to be beside them each and every day
My only time outside was spent doing your shopping
Or tending to your many errands
As night would fall my day was still not over
There was still yet dinner to be made
Dishes to wash and laundry to be done
And then I was lucky to have a small sliver of each night to myself
By then all I opted to do was hide in my closet and read a book
My closet and its four walls were my only friend
Besides each word that lined each page of the stories of which I read
Many a time when I refused to work I would meet with the end of
Your long thick belt
Then off to my room id be sent
Often as you slept I would slip out into the night
I’d walk for countless hours
Sometimes thinking I shan’t return
But I knew with all your friends and connections it wasn’t worth it
So back to your house and my dungeon I would go
Praying for more time before next I would have to face you again

The Dungeon I Grew Up In©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


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