If Only I Could Remember You©

In a room filled with things belonging to you

A life filled with experiences that I was never a part of

I flip through your yearbook

Plastered all about are pieces of you

Dance, swimming and cheerleading just to start

Loved and admired by all

Voted most likely to succeed

Then why am I sitting here after years gone by

Looking back at a past that was never mine

Our parents forever saddened by your absence

Their lives were never the same

Why couldn’t you just walk home some other way

In my dreams at night from stories told

When I close my eyes I see you

Walking home in the chill of the night

Alone and out of sight

In the corner under a tree

Out of nowhere

The car came bombing

Out of nowhere to be seen

When they stopped

There you were

Underneath their tires for all to see

Torn apart like a rag doll thrown away

Nothing for our parents to see

From that day on I always said

“If only I could remember you”

Maybe our parents would remember me too

Since you’ve been gone I no longer exist

Now with them gone I sit here alone in this room

Will all that you use to be

If Only I Could Remember You©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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