Good-Bye Geri©

Good-Bye Geri

I will miss you

My heart will hold a space for you

You go with him now

As he holds the gates open

Awaiting your arrival

Your job here is done

You’ve been an amazing mother

To your children

And to others that were not your own

You suffered deeply ailing from disease

No more agony

No more torment

Peace has now found you

And will deliver you unto the lord

All of us here will remember

All you’ve done

All you’ve been through

All you’ve meant to so many

Your only job now is to find

never-ending peace

Worry not for us

As we know with you watching down on us

All will be right with the world

We may have lost you here

But god has gained another Angel

Spread your wings and fly about the heavens

With eternal love and admiration

Your friend



Good-Bye Geri©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


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