I’m Done!

I hold my life in my very own hands

I have a choice to take it or to leave it

Each day I teeter on the scale of life

Good, Bad

Worthy, Not worthy

Stay, Go

Hello, Goodbye

I struggle with the pros and cons

I struggle with my lack of desire

Each day I want you

But sometimes I feel like I don’t have you

You support me with your words and actions

But sometimes it just doesn’t feel real to me

I put on a happy face

But inside I’m tortured

So much push and pull

So much back and forth

Sometimes I just tire of the effort it takes

To fight my own battles

When deep inside I want to give up

To keep a happy face

I know that even you know

That I’m just not happy

Too much time has come and gone


I’m still not where I wanted to be

I’m still not who I wanted to be

I’m still not doing what I wanted to be doing

Do you think they know my secret by now

I’ve tried to hide it now for so long

It will never be revealed from these lips of mine

I will carry it to my grave

Instead you’ll see all that’s on my outer shell


Laugh, I’ll Cry

I’ll make you laugh, I’ll make you cry

I’ll give all that I have

I’ll do all that I can do

No matter what

You’ll never see me looking blue

You’ll never know what ails me

I’ll hold your hand

I’ll be your shoulder to cry on

I’ll be where you need me to be

I’ll hold you up in place

But when the light are down low


I’m on my own

I’ll be sitting in the dark

Staring out the window

Wondering why things just can’t be different

One of these days

Before you know it

I’m going to take control



It will be all over

I’m Done!©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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