When it is sunny outside

It makes me smile for a long while

When the clouds appear

I feel moody and uncertain

When it’s dark and gloomy

It makes me feel gloomy too

When it rains outside

It makes me want to dance in circles as I did when I was a girl

My favorite weather day is a bright, cool, autumn day

With leaves changing color still upon the trees

and fallen leaves scattered about the sidewalk

I love to hear the leaves crunch under foot as I walk on by

The worst weather day is like the one we had today

When your TV sounds the warning bulletin

That there’s a threat of a tornado and everyone must find shelter

I pray until the warning expires

But then it starts to thunder and the lightning crackles across the darkened sky

As if having a sword fight with a worthy opponent

Oh how I long for a clear blue sky

Copyright 2014 Weather© Felina Silver Robinson

A Mini Poem


The weather is dark and gloomy, my hearts racing, my chest is aching, fear takes over, where’s my bravery?


Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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