Four Walls, A Room, A Safe Haven©

Four Walls, A Room, A Safe Haven

One small room shared by two sisters

Two twin beds

A book shelf

A book to share

A dresser full of Pants, shirts and dresses

A radio

A wall full of teen heart-throbs

A closet full of Sunday dresses

This one small room was their haven

Talks about boys

Talks about their hopes and fears

Talks of all they hoped to become

Talks of the pain they endured

And why they endured it

This room was theirs

They knew that within those four walls

They were safe from all they feared

They could keep hold of their dreams

They could run from those who wanted to cause them harm

The four walls that held their room together

Held them together

Nothing was the same outside of those four walls

Who would ever have thought that happiness, comfort and safety

Could be found in room that was like a box and fit like a glove

Aside from each other their room was all they needed to keep them safe

As long as they were together

Four Walls, A Room, A Safe Haven©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


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