Irish Twins©

Born in April

Born in January

Only 9 and 1/2 months separate us

One born sickly

One born strong

We never really looked alike

But people saw us as the same

One with a squeeky voice

The other with a stern voice

One loved athletics

The other loved electronics

But when one was in trouble

The other fared just the same

There was nothing that happened

That the other wasn’t aware of

They loved their hobbies

Dancing, Swimming

Running, Walking

Laughing, Crying

Writing, Dreaming

One thing was certain though

When one was ailing

The other was always well

There was nothing ever happening

That the other didn’t know

People always wondered

Who was really who

Nothing is funnier

Nothing is more serious

Than an Irish Twin

No one knows you better

No one cares like you do

No one else can pass for you

No one else can put up with you

No one else can bare with you

When you hurt, I hurt

When we’re together, we’re apart

When we’re apart, we’re together

I can’t imagine that my heart could or

Would go on beating if yours were to stop

My Irish Twin always together and never apart

Irish Twins©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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