Home to Stay©

The alarm clock sounds

But I’ve been up all night

Too tired to reach for it to stop its sound

My head ring its own bells

My head aches fiercely

But there is no time to manage it

I have to do just then

I wake the girls to remind them

to prepare for school

Showers, breakfast and clean teeth for all

The hustle and the bustle of each and every day

With a smile, and a heart full of cheer

Helps them get on their way

There’s no telling what their day will bring

But I know I left them smiling

when I sent them on their way

To hopefully enjoy their day

I wish they could have just stayed here

and played all through the day

But a day filled with learning is being sent their way

I hope the day rolls by so they can come home to stay

Won’t you come take a role in my play

I hope not to send you on your way

Thank you for being a good part of my day

Home to Stay©

©Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson –

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