Do You See Me Now?©

My eyes have seen a great many things

But as long as I can remember all I’ve wanted is to have you see me

A mother’s love is the only love a child needs

When she has that, she can become anything and everything she’s meant to be

If only you could have seen me the way I needed to be seen

Maybe, I wouldn’t have been so afraid

To reach for all I had hoped for

But I still always worry that I will fail you

That I will still bring you only disappointment

When you’re not looking

I shed a tear for each time you looked

But did not see me

For each time I was hurt and you didn’t seem to care

You always told me that no child of yours is weak

No child of yours has problems

You always said your children were destined for better things

It’s ok to have hopes and dreams for your children

But without love a child feels lost, forgotten and unwanted

You can’t wait until they’re all grown up and you have only hoped for the best

Without you to comfort me or to hear me when I needed to talk

I’ve made my share of mistakes

But I’ve certainly made my share of triumphs

I sometimes think of what might have been

Wishing things had been different

But if things had been different then maybe

I wouldn’t have the people who are now important to me

Those who took the time to talk to me when I needed to talk to them

Who where there to catch me when I fell

Those who hugged me when I triumphed

I hope you can truly see me now

If now you would take the time to hear me when I need you

Maybe there could be forgiveness which is something everyone deserves

Maybe then my children could forgive you too

The children who have never truly known you

For they are mere shadows in your life story

of those meant not to be seen

I’m happy to see




Do you see me now?

Do You See Me Now?©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014

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