Still Here In the land of Ignorance©

When I walk into a room of people and they all stop and stare

There is nothing I can do

Their eyes are upon me

I hold my head high and brush off their stares

I sit in the middle of circumstances beyond my control

I go to the store to shop for holiday gifts

I barely enter the store and there is a shadow upon me the entire time

No one asked me if I needed help

They just continued to shadow my every step

Frustrated with the treatment I left the situation and returned to the comforts of home

I opened my laptop and ordered most of my presents online

Being sure not to buy from the store that shadowed me

Circumstances beyond my control

I hold no grudges

But I choose not to support the ignorance

I walk through the village and someone asked me what part of Africa I’m from

I reply that I was born in Boston and that to my knowledge none of my family hails from Africa

I explain that my mother is Native American among other things

The lady asked me why I sound so white

I tell her that I’m not quite sure what she means but that I grew up in Brookline

My father graduated from Harvard

What you see and what you hear is what you get

She replied “I didn’t think that colored people could be intellectual or use proper English”

She further said, “If you were speaking to me on the phone I wouldn’t have known you were colored”.

I told her that I didn’t know people could be so ignorant

I told her I ha to be on my way and I walked away with my head held high

Her face turned red and she apologized

Sadly this ignorance touches all of us

Why must people speak before they think


For no rhyme and no reason

Shots are fired into the crowd of innocent people

They drop like flies

Some survive

Some remain paralyzed with fear

From the actions of those

Who just plain stood there

While the unsolicited terror rains down on those unsuspecting

Who will forever be scarred by their actions

It’s sad to say we are all

Still Here In the land of Ignorance©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2016

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