Flying by the seat of my pants©

Attempting fate at every turn
Nothing is going to stop me
I have to be on my way
On the way to better things
A better life for me
A better life for you
Please don’t try to stop me
I’ve been here to long
So long I’ve wondered will I live to see the next morn
Then it happened
A little birdie told me to just get up and run
Run to happiness
Don’t be left behind
All that you will see is life in disguise
Disguised as happiness that’s really madness
Madness of those in anger
Who’ll stand in your way
Step back and look away
Clear your path and run
Run until you can’t run any more
When you stop you’ll be there
There in a place
A place meant for happiness
Where you can be everything and anything that you’ve wanted to be
This life was meant for you
So take it and be on your way
Because I know you just can’t stay
Stay in a place where no one sees you
No one knows you
But I know that one day
And one day soon
You’ll show them
Just who you were meant to be
And then you will no longer be
Flying by the seat of your pants

Flying by the seat of my pants©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

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