When You Didn’t Know Me Any Better©

When you were young and you didn’t know me any better

I used to cry myself to sleep at night

I wasn’t sure if I could get things right

I wasn’t sure that I could be all that you needed me to be

I was too afraid that I would fail you

And you would turn out right

I was afraid to be your only parent

The only person that would shape your life

The only one to teach you right from wrong

I was afraid you wouldn’t hear me

That you wouldn’t listen

That you wouldn’t care what I was trying to teach you

When you didn’t know me any better

I wished that things were different

That I had more to offer you

That I could offer you the world without any heartbreak

Without a need or a wish for anything

That all you had to do is ask and all you desired would lay there before you

But then I realized how lucky we both have been to have each other

I came to realize that as long as we are together

All would be right with the world

I’m so honored to be the one to raise you

I hope that you now know me better!

 When You Didn’t Know Me Any Better©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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