The Deep Blue Ocean©


We cast out over the deep blue ocean
Our eyes wide open full of hope and wonder
I sit back with my eyes shut, the hot sun beating against my skin
The beads of sweat flood my forehead,
I pay no attention for my thoughts are now on my own tender years
Riding with my parents on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard
I remember running my feet through all the sand
Playing hide and go seek with my friends without a care in the world
Running between all the house, climbing all the trees
Sitting on my aunt and uncle’s porch with my cousins
telling story after story as rain beats against our skin
Back to reality now as I hear my daughter’s voice prompting me to look ahead
My eyes peer upon the light house I’ve been waiting to see
Everyone exchanges waves across the ocean, it’s such a beautiful sight
Small ducks sway in the oceans waters crippled by its pull,
but the ducks are not willing to give up their fight
The boat now turns back to return us to the dock
Now with the wind firmly on our backs, pushing thoughts of the day to the front of our heads
A trip well traveled on the big blue ocean carrying thoughts of both today and yesterday.

The Deep Blue Ocean©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

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