Today the darkness follows me,
Behind the darkness falls the rain,
The rain sometimes small and soft
Then sometimes fast and hard

When I was small, I thought when the rain was soft
The angels were gently crying happy tears

When it rained long and hard,
The angels were disappointed in everyone

When there was flooding we were being punished for wrong doings.
And it was washing away the sins of the world.

Today, I think either Mother Nature is mad at us
Or the ozone layer is teaching us a lesson
Either way we have lessons to learn and things to change

Today, I still love walking in the rain
Letting the rain fall down on my face and run between my toes.

I fondly remember me and my sister Jackie waiting for the rain to fall
So we could run out and dance carelessly about
We listened to all the laughing, happy voices of all those around us
Dancing to the beat of the rain
My old friend rain, won’t you please come dance the night away with me



Copyright  2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

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