Mommy How Was Your Day?©


My children sit waiting for me

So they can tell me all about their day

One with so much excitement for what she’s about say

One just happy to be home away from everything and everyone

And one so tired that all that is happening around her means nothing,

I’ve found comfort in hearing their words as I walk through the door…

Mommy how was your day?

What should I say?

Do I tell them the day was too long?

But not long enough for all I wished I could have done with them?

Do I tell them great,

because I knew I was coming home to all of them?


Should I just say

I’m just happy to be alive and share this time with you?

These are all the things I could say

to my little ones that I leave at home every day

Whom I couldn’t live without

Each time I walk out the door without them

My heart aches just a bit more

They are my children

They make me whole

I love you my trio x’s two

How was your day?

And they say together

“We love you mommy, are you home to stay?

Mommy, How Was Your Day?©

Copyright 1998, 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson 

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