Her Last Dance©


I once knew a girl who was full of wild dreams

Each morning she woke with a new outlook on life

No two mornings were ever the same

She was happier than most

And even more innocent

She always wore a smile upon her face

And had a twinkle in her eye

She danced about with laughter in her voice

She sang a song loud enough for all to hear

Never a song known to it’s listeners

You couldn’t imagine anything that could get in her way

Til one day

The sky was dark

And the temperature suddenly dropped

It turned unseasonably cold

There was no smiling dancer

No laughter in the air

No warm and fuzzy feelings

Just a feeling of sadness and emptiness


a vision of a young girl

Laying flat on a stretcher

Carried by two solemn men

The sheet covering her face

Her small arms dangle swinging freely with each step the men took

It was said the poor girl had died in her sleep

From a larger tumor that laid in the center of her head

Her families only solace was in knowing that she was always happy

Their only wish what that she would have had time to live out some of her dreams

Her Last Dance©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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